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Classes beginning March 22nd 2018

Guides & Angels Part 1 & 2

Join us at Awakenings Gifts & Guidance

 for classes on March 22nd & March 29th 2018

Guides & Angels Part 1 - The Hall of the Ascended Masters

Learn about different ways to communicate your Guardian Angels and Guides, through a guided shamanic journey to the Hall of Ascended Masters with your animal guide to meet Quan Yin and to receive messages that helps to guide you into higher realms.

Learn the very powerful Triangulation and whirlwind meditation technique’s that helps you clear away old energies and habits.

Guides & Angels Part 2 - Meeting your Guardian Angels and your Gate keeper Guide 

We begin this class with a brush up from the week prior and what we learned. Through a series of guided Shamanic Journeying, we will travel with our animal companions and Quan Yin to meet your Guardian Angels and Reunite you with your Gatekeeper Guide that helps you in developing your intuitive abilities and offers internal peace and guidance.

We will spend some time drawing them and communicating with them.

Join us at Awakenings Gifts & Guidance for these classes on


2 consecutive Thursday nights, March 22nd & March 29th 2018

6:30 to 9 pm

Awakenings Gifts & Guidance

4165 Minnehaha Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406

$25 each class if registration is completed in advance

$30 each class for registration at the door

Contact Andrea Aydt for registration, payment and any further questions

at 952-242-7886 or email at [email protected]

Ghosts, Spirits & your Intuition

This is the next phase of my classes, takes what you learned in parts one and two-Communicating with your Guides and Angels, and learn how to communicate and distinguish between them ghosts & spirits and  

******The classes on Ghosts, Spirits & your Intuition have not been scheduled yet.  Please feel free to contact me for more information about upcoming dates and times.

Ghosts, Spirits & your Intuition Part 3 –Communication with Spirits & Ghosts

In this class you will learn about your intuition. With the guidance of your Gatekeeper Guide to assist with communication we will communicate with Ghosts & Spirits. We will learn about their differences and how to communicate with them in a safe manner, learn about protection techniques as well as a bit on removal. We will also be covering the existence of energy in memory and its differences in the physical realm of residential & commercial dwellings.

Ghosts, Spirits & your Intuition Part 4 – Communicating with your Guides & Angels and maybe a few ghosts....Trusting your Intuition using various divination techniques (tarot, palmistry, pendulums & divining rods)

In this class, starting off with a meditation, learn how to apply in real life what you have been learning about using your Intuition while communicating with your angels,guides & spirits.