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With Over 20 years experience

Starting off as a young girl that was in constant contact with her guides and angels, I grew up In a haunted house learning about ghosts and the other side since a very young age.

Always having an interest in Palmistry and Divination, I read a short chapter at the age of 17 on palmistry, went on to school that day to read several friends and was shockingly gifted. 

I attended Arthur Findlay, Spiritualist college, Stansted, England in 2018 where I studied Trance, mediumship and spiritualism. I have also been trained in energy clearings with the use of Dowsing Rods, that clear negative energies from homes and businesses. 

I am the palmist for Screamtown, a horror them park in Chaska, Minnesota weekends and nights in October and can be found at various events in the Twin Cities. I also produce events throughout the cities.

Whether its a themed party or a couple of friends just getting together, we can make your party a magical one!

Call or email us today for more information